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Did your car windshield get smashed in an accident? Have you had vandalism around your neighborhood, and your car was one of the victims? Do you live in Modesto, CA?

If so, and you need to find a place that offers windshield replacement in Modesto, there are a few things you should consider before taking your car to one.

High quality glass -- Your windshield replacement needs to be just as high quality as the windshield that was installed in the car when it was new. Your safety when driving or being in the car is contingent on that windshield either not shattering if you get into an accident, or not breaking in the first place. You have much more of a chance of either of these things with high quality glass.

The adhesive used in windshield replacement -- While you may not think about the adhesive used in windshield replacement, it is important to make sure the repair shop you leave your car at uses one of the best. After all, a windshield is only as safe as the adhesive that is used to secure it. Go to a repair shop that uses a cheap adhesive, and you could be the one suffering the results.

Labor contract -- Some companies that do windshield replacement in Modesto offer warranties that mean they will fix any defects or problems with the workmanship you receive completely free of charge. Only leave your car with one of the ones that does.

One-year warranty -- Also check Modesto companies to make sure any you are considering offer at least a one-year warranty on their parts and labor. Things can go wrong, even with a windshield replacement Modesto, and you want to be sure you are covered for any eventuality.