Dons Mobile Glass

When a customer comes in looking for a local auto glass repair Modesto, CA shop, we need to take the time to examine the extent of the damage. Most minor chips and cracks can actually be easily repaired, meaning you can avoid the cost and hassle of having to get a full replacement for your windshield.

Not many people are fully aware of the various types of damage that can be sustained on their auto glass, with most people assuming it’s just a chip or crack. While this is true to a certain extent, there is actually quite a few different types of chip damage that we regularly find when performing our auto glass repairs in Modesto, CA.

There are many different causes for damaged auto glass, most notably small rocks and other debris that fall from the back of trucks or are kicked up into the air by moving vehicle. The size of the debris, the speed of the impact, and the location of it on your auto glass can all affect the type of damage sustained.

The easiest way we identify this is by looking at the shapes and patterns of the damaged area. Most common forms of auto glass damage can be categorised by their shape, and the type of shape will in turn affect how viable it is to repair the glass.

Here are some of the most common types:


A small chip that has removed a section of the glass from the surface of the windshield. Easily repairable providing it doesn’t get too large or is too near the edge.

Crack Chip

The common crack is pretty easy to identify. The damage is a thin line on the surface of the auto glass and it should be able to be covered with a single quarter.

Long Crack

Self-explanatory really, this is a longer crack that is over 6 inches – this is usually the measuring point of cracks that are too long to be able to be repaired.

Bullseye Chip

Perhaps one the most common cracks, bullseye cracks are one of the leading causes for our auto glass repairs here in Modesto. Usually down to a small rock, the impact causes a circular chip to appear with rings surrounding the center. These are quite easy to repair providing they aren’t too large.

Half Moon Chip

Pretty much the same as the bullseye chip but instead of a full circle there is only half of one, just like the crescent of a half moon. Tends to be the result of a rock or other piece of debris striking the auto glass at an unusual angle.

Combination Break

This involves several different types of cracks and/or chips appearing on the one piece of auto glass. An example would be a chip that also has a crack on it.